Over the years ever since Google begun testing its self-driving cars on the road, there have been numerous accidents. Before you chalk this up to self-driving tech being not ready, to which you might be right, pretty much most of the accidents involving Google’s self-driving car have been because of careless drivers, and not the tech itself.

So far the accidents haven’t been particularly serious, at least until now where as you can see in the video above by CBS San Francisco, Google’s self-driving car has been mangled pretty badly on the passenger side of the vehicle. According to 9to5Google who spoke to the witness, basically a van had driven into the side of the car on the corner of W El Camino and Calderon Ave. “I only saw the tail-end of the crash, and the dazed Google employees sitting around afterwards waiting for their tow-truck. I had to be on my way.”

The witness adds, “From what I could see, it was the van’s fault entirely.” Thankfully it seems that no one was injured and in the video, you can see that the airbags were deployed successfully. No word on Google regarding the latest accident, but chances are we might not hear anything until the next self-driving car report which is expected to be released at the end of the month.

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