huawei-watch-aug-2015__03While iOS and Android might be dominating the smartphone and tablet market, when it comes to wearables, OEMs are still pretty free to choose what they want to go with. Sure, they could go with Google’s Android Wear, they could even create their own platform, and there is always Tizen which Samsung has adopted for most of its wearables.

However it seems that Samsung won’t be alone in this as word on the street has it that Huawei could be joining them. According to the latest rumors, Huawei is said to be working on a Tizen-based smartwatch, and given that Huawei was one of Tizen’s early partners, we guess this makes sense. In fact it does like it was inevitable, although right now it is still a rumor.

Apparently Huawei isn’t too thrilled by Google’s Android Wear platform. This is because Google doesn’t allow for much wiggle room when it comes to customization, so apparently Tizen is a good alternative to that. No word on when Huawei’s Tizen-based smartwatch will be launched, but last we heard, Huawei stated that they had no plans to release smartwatches this year, so we guess if anything, 2017 will be the earliest that we will be able to see the device, but until then take it with a grain of salt.

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