iphone-7-with-Lightning-adapterWith the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, it is clear that Apple wants users to either start using Lightning headphones, like the bundled Lightning EarPods, or to go wireless, like with the AirPods. However it seems that it has been discovered that there is a glitch with the Lightning EarPods which serves to highlight some of the problems with this new standard.

According to a report from Business Insider, it seems that due to a software glitch, the volume controls on the Lightning EarPods will stop working after a few minutes of the headphones being plugged in. Audio will continue to play, but the controls won’t work, meaning that if you want to answer calls, adjust the volume, activate Siri, or control music playback via the remote, you can’t.

It is unclear as to what specifically causes the remote to glitch out, but as far as Business Insider can tell, it happens randomly and intermittently meaning that there does not appear to be a solution to the problem, save for unplugging and replugging the headphones. Like we said, if anything this highlights one of the problems of going digital, but to be fair it is in its infancy so hopefully we won’t see similar issues crop up in the future.

That being said, the good news is that Apple is aware of this problem and a spokesperson has told Business Insider that the glitch will be fixed in a future update. No word on when that update will be arriving, but until then users affected by this will just have to plug and replug their EarPods as a temporary solution for now.

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