playstation_vrRemember back in the day when you would buy PC magazines and they would come with CDs with demos on them? These days it’s hard to find that anymore, namely because people have either slowly abandoned the disc format, or because everything is available online already so why bother, right?

However Sony wants to bring the demo disc back as they have announced that they will be bundling a disc with the PlayStation VR. According to Sony, “Okay – so you’re ready and excited to dive into the revolutionary experience of PlayStation VR when it hits shops on 13th October. But with so many breathtaking games out there, where do you start? We say: why limit yourself to one? The PlayStation VR demo disc will feature a massive eight titles for you to sample, so you can get the perfect introduction to your new Virtual Reality world.”

The demo disc will include titles such as DriveClub VR, PlayStation VR Worlds, Rigs: Mechanized Combat League, Tumble VR, Battlezone, Eve: Valkyrie, Wayward Sky, and Headmaster. Basically the idea is to give gamers a taste of what they can expect in terms of VR gaming and also what titles are available if they wish to dive further into it.

Last we heard, sales of VR headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have apparently flatlined, so hopefully with Sony promoting and giving away demos of VR games, the PlayStation VR headset will be able to flourish.

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