galaxy-note-7-s-pen_01-writingIt is surprising that despite hearing the various inconveniences and scares that customers have experienced over the exploding Galaxy Note 7 handsets that no lawsuit has been filed, or at least until now where what is believed to be the first class-action lawsuit has been filed against Samsung.

According to the lawsuit, it alleges that Samsung had committed fraud and a breach of warrant and good faith. The lawsuit (as is the case with most lawsuits) is seeking damages over the alleged mistreatment of customers, claiming that customers had to keep paying for their contract during the weeks that Samsung had recalled their phones before replacement units were made available.

The lawsuit reads, “Following Samsung’s advice, consumers discontinued using their Note7s only to find out that Samsung did not have replacement smartphones available. Instead, Samsung informed consumers that they would have to wait several days, and even weeks in many cases, before receiving a replacement smartphone.”

“During this time, and as a result of Defendant failing to provide consumers with an adequate replacement, consumers continued to incur monthly device and plan charges from their cellular carriers for phones they could not safely use.” Now it should be noted that a judge needs to approve the class-action status first before it can proceed. Also Samsung has yet to respond to it.

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