It is inevitable that with the launch of Google Assistant on the Pixel phones that we’re sure many are wondering how it compares against the competition, namely Siri since iOS is probably Android’s biggest competition. Thankfully YouTuber Marques Brownlee has decided to answer the question for us in a comparison video.

In the video above, Brownlee pits Google Assistant against Siri in a head-to-head battle in which the same question is asked to both platforms. It starts off pretty simple with launching apps, setting reminders, and doing basic calculation. In fact for a brief moment it looked as though Siri was pulling ahead.

However when it became to slightly more complex questions, this is when Google Assistant started to shine. For example Siri could not name the President of the United States and had to search it up online, whereas Google Assistant was able to name Barack Obama on the spot. When asked how tall was the President, Siri assumed it was a new and separate query, where Google Assistant was smart enough to figure out it was a follow-up question to the previous query, thus making it more conversational. However when asked more directly and specifically as to how tall Barack Obama is, Siri was able to answer that (along with Google Assistant).

However there are some places in which Siri seems to excel in, which is by offering up more information along with the answer in case you wanted to dive deeper into the subject. That being said, it’s hard to say which is better. Google Assistant is definitely more conversational meaning that using it feels more natural.

However given that both AI are exclusive to their respective platforms, it’s not as if users can choose which to use unless they don’t mind switching to completely different phones and operating systems.

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