LeEco rounded off its massive product announcement event in San Francisco today with a self-driving electric car concept it calls the LeSee Pro. LeEco first showed off its electric car concept earlier this year and it has said today that the LeSee Pro will be properly unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas come January next year.

LeEco wants to establish its reputation as a jack of all trades. Not only has it shown off a new content service, new smartphones, TVs, and even an Android-powered bike, the company has also demonstrated that it wants to be a player in the nascent self-driving electric car industry.

LeEco says that the car is going to be fully intelligent and connected so that passengers can do all sorts of things from working on documents to streaming movies and music without a car in the world. The car will feature an entertainment lounge for content streaming in the rear seats.

This car was actually supposed to be on stage today and the media would have been given access to it later, but the company said it couldn’t be transported to San Francisco in time due to a delayed flight.

It’s obviously early days so we can’t say for sure how much range the car has and what it’s going to cost. LeEco hasn’t revealed when it expects to start producing this car but I wager it’s going to take a few years before we start seeing LeSee Pro on the roads.

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