panasonic-transparent-tv-1[CEATEC 2016] Earlier this year you might recall that Panasonic showed off a new concept TV that is transparent. The idea of this design is so that instead of a gadget that sits in your living room taking up a lot of space, you could blend this TV into existing furniture so that space can be utilized more efficiently.

This year at CEATEC, Panasonic is back and it has updated its concept in which it allows for the screen to be more transparent than ever. The OLED screen uses a fine mesh that allows for it to be embedded into the glass on any kind of furniture, or in Panasonic’s example, a sliding door.

It seems that Panasonic has also improved upon its visibility where when it is turned on, it looks almost like a regular TV. This is versus the previous concept in which it needed some help from external lighting sources. When it is turned off, you could be forgiven for thinking that it was never there to begin with, at least that’s if you didn’t know already.

panasonic-transparent-tv-4Could this be the future of TV? We suppose it is possible, although we see that this technology could have plenty of other uses as well. One of the examples Panasonic showed off was how the transparent display could be embedded on the door of a fridge. Unfortunately if you were hoping to get your hands on such a TV, it would seem that you’ll be waiting for quite a while.

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