galaxy-s7-design_03We know that there’s still some time to go, but there are rumors swirling about regarding the next Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S8. However it seems that we should probably savor that because according to the latest rumors out of Korea (via SamMobile), we might only get one flagship smartphone from Samsung next year.

Following the debacle of the Galaxy Note 7, apparently it seems that Samsung might have decided that they only want to release one flagship phone in 2017. Given that the rumors of the Galaxy S8 are already making their rounds, there’s a good chance that the Galaxy S8 will be it. However it is uncertain if the fallout from the Note 7 could be the reason behind it.

We have heard that the Note 7 will cost Samsung a pretty penny. The company themselves have estimated $3 billion in losses for the next quarter, while some have calculated $17 billion in lost potential revenue. We have also heard that some R&D projects have been halted or scrapped due to financial reasons, so we have to wonder if maybe development on the Note 8 could have been similarly affected.

In any case nothing has been confirmed yet and this is still a rumor for now so take it with a grain of salt, but if it were true, would you miss having two Samsung flagships released on an annual basis?

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