original xboxRight now the Xbox One has backwards compatibility with the Xbox 360, which is great if you love playing old/retro games. However what if you could go way, way back? What if backwards compatibility could eventually lead to the original Xbox? Is that something you think you might be interested in?

If you are, the good news is that it could happen. According to Microsoft’s Phil Spencer who tweeted in response to a question posed by a gamer, it seems that Microsoft is interested in the idea of backwards compatibility for the original Xbox. However it seems that it’s more of an interest as opposed to it being something Microsoft is actively working on.

Spencer’s tweet reads, “We haven’t ruled it out but we aren’t working on it right now. I’d like to find the time to do it.” It remains to be seen if and when Microsoft will get around to it, but given that the company is currently focused on Project Scorpio and working towards making games for the future, we guess you probably shouldn’t hold your breath.

So far the Xbox One backwards compatibility for the Xbox 360 has been well-received. Granted not all games are available since it is at the discretion of the developer/publisher, but several classics have made it to the list. In any case what do you guys think? Yay or nay for backwards compatibility for the original Xbox?

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