apple-pay-japan-inline-04Earlier this year Apple announced that Apple Pay would be coming to the web. Prior to this Apple Pay was only usable via brick and mortar retailers, but web payment meant that iOS users could soon use their mobile devices to authenticate their purchases and payments made online.


So how is Apple Pay for the web doing? While Apple Pay in real life doesn’t really seem to have gotten the amount of traction that many had expected, Apple Pay for the web seems to be doing pretty well. According to a report from SimilarTech, they claim that Apple Pay is currently the 5th most popular online payment platform at the moment.

Unsurprisingly PayPal and PayPal Subscribe are currently the most popular, followed by Stripe in 3rd place and Braintree in 4th. Granted 5th place is exactly as glamorous as being in the top 3 or even in the first place, but given that Apple Pay has managed to beat out quite a lot of other platforms is pretty impressive considering that it is a much more recent option.

We can only expect that Apple Pay’s adoption for the web will grow, thanks to the introduction of Touch ID on the new MacBook Pros that will help facilitate the process. Whether or not Apple Pay will eventually manage to overthrow the likes of an established institution like PayPal remains to be seen.

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