ipad-educationIn today’s technology-centric world where homes are outfitted with devices that can communicate with each other, and where we carry around tiny computers in our pockets, it makes sense that technology finds its way into the education sector too. We’ve seen this happen with apps and gadgets meant to help kids learn.


However in the UK, one British MP thinks that schools should actually ditch the use of iPads in the classroom. According to The Telegraph, British MP Edward Timpson says that iPads being brought into schools should be confiscated because apparently it seems that it could lead to bullying and harassment.

According to Timpson, “A problem in a number of schools which we’ve sought to address is the iPad or the tablet coming into schools and it forming far too much of the school day’s activities of children and it being used inappropriately for some of the bullying and harassment that we know sadly goes on the back of it.”

We get where he’s coming from as Timpson calls for a balance between technology, where teachers will still be able to interact with students instead of trying to vye for their attention over that of the iPad. Will schools respond to this? We guess that will boil down to the schools themselves, but what do you guys think? Are iPads a boon or hindrance in education?

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