Domino’s has shown that it’s a pizza chain that’s not afraid to embrace modern technology and unorthodox methods to deliver you a pie. The company recently started testing drone deliveries in New Zealand and now it’s planning to do something completely out of the ordinary in Japan. Domino’s is actually training reindeer to deliver pizza in Japan this Christmas.

Reindeer-powered sleds stacked with Domino’s pizzas will become a common sight in some of Japan’s major cities. Aside from linking the biggest holiday of the year with pizza it also serves another purpose. This will make it relatively easy for Domino’s to continue delivering pizzas despite snowy weather in which using a bike can be a bit difficult.

These sleds will also be fitted with Domino’s GPS Driver Tracker so that customers can watch in real time how much longer it will be for the sled to pull up outside their house and for them to get their pie. They will immediately know that their pizza is being delivered by reindeer as icons on the app’s map will be changed to reindeer icons.

The important question is whether or not Domino’s staff manning the sleds will be wearing Santa costumes, because that will be pretty cool, but I’m sure that might not be on the agenda.

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