Google announced its Daydream virtual reality platform earlier this year. It has already launched a Daydream View virtual reality headset and opened up the platform to developers so that they can create new experiences and apps for Daydream. Over the coming weeks, we’ll certainly be seeing more apps and experiences for this platform. Online streaming company Hulu has now updated its app with support for Daydream.

The list of Daydream-compatible apps is quite limited right now. There’s YouTube VR and support for the platform has also been added to Google Play Movies & TV. That was to be expected since Google is responsible for all of these apps. It’s going to take some time for third-party developers to get onboard, but eventually they will.

Hulu has sent out an update today for its Android app which features support for Daydream. It’s actually the first among its rivals to do this as we’re still waiting on Netflix and HBO Now to do the same.

Hulu’s Daydream compatibility can only be tested out on a smartphone with Daydream support right now as well as a compatible headset which means that you’re pretty much limited to Google’s Pixel smartphones and its Daydream View headset. However, expect more smartphones and headsets to arrive from other manufacturers over time.

The updated Hulu app is now available for download via the Google Play Store.

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