htc-vive-hardware_16Earlier we had reported that there were rumors that HTC had a new HTC Vive headset in the works codenamed “Oasis”. While we can’t be 100% certain about the codename, the rumor of a new HTC Vive headset has been confirmed to the folks at TechCrunch by Rikard Steiber, SVP of Virtual Reality at HTC.

Details were unsurprisingly not shared, but according to Steiber, he claims that the new headset will feature an enhanced “design factor” and “performance”, although exactly what this means remains to be seen. However as it stands it seems the HTC Vive is already performing pretty well, at least according to the reviews of the headsets so far, but then again who are we to turn down improvements, right?

We have heard rumors that there is a wireless HTC Vive headset that is being prototyped, and that a slimmer and lighter model could also be in the works, but we’re not sure if this new Vive headset by HTC will come with those features, or if we are looking at a series of separate devices.

That being said, sales of the HTC Vive and other similar headsets appear to have flatlined in recent times. It is possible that pricing and content could be the reasons why people have lost interest, but perhaps a refreshed HTC Vive headset with new features could reignite sales again.

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