We first found out that there was a battery issue with the Surface Pro 3 earlier this year. Microsoft looked into the matter and confirmed that it didn’t have anything to do with the hardware itself and that it could be fixed through a firmware update. An update was then released after several weeks to take care of the issue, however, a second issue soon cropped up. Microsoft has now taken care of the second Surface Pro 3 battery issue through a firmware update.

Microsoft confirmed the second battery issue with the Surface Pro 3 in September. It came soon after the company released a fix for a different battery issue that this device was facing. It was more or less the same issue, some users were facing rapid battery degradation.

Microsoft has now sent out a firmware update for the Surface Pro 3 which addresses this issue once and for all. It’s meant for users who have a Surface Pro 3 that features an LGC battery. It says that this issue affects a “limited number” of Surface Pro 3 owners who experienced that “their battery can no longer hold a charge, and it looks like the battery capacity has diminished.”

The company says that this update corrects the logic in the firmware component that basically acts like a fuel gauge for the battery so that the actual battery capacity is properly reported. “System Firmware Update — 11/7/2016” is now being rolled out by Microsoft for the Surface Pro 3.

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