Tesla takes great pride in the vehicles that it produces and given that all of the cars it’s selling right now cost a pretty penny, customers certainly want them to be the best possible cars they can be. It doesn’t really instill confidence in the product when a big consumer outlet calls it “fast and flawed,” but that’s what Consumer Reports makes of the Model X, Tesla’s first all-electric crossover.

The consumer magazine says that the Model X “largely disappoints,” despite its “brag-worthy magic.” It drives the point home by saying that the Model X is “fast and flawed.”

According to the magazine, the ride is very firm and choppy for a car that costs $110,000. It even had choice words about the panoramic windshield, saying that the windshield isn’t tinted enough to properly offset the brightness of a very sunny day.

It’s not that Consumer Reports has always been hard on Tesla’s cars. Back in 2015 it gave Tesla’s Model S sedan an overwhelming stamp of approval by awarding it 103 points out of a possible 100 points by making changes to the way it scores a car’s performance because it found the Model S to be just that good.

Whether or not this is going to have a tangible impact on Model X sales remains to be seen, after all, there’s a limited segment of people who can actually afford one. It will be interesting to see what Consumer Reports thinks of the Model 3 which is going to be Tesla’s first mass-market electric car priced at $35,000.

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