iphone-7-design-sideFollowing the various Note 7 explosions around the world and Samsung’s hasty recall and discontinuation of the handset, we’re sure many are now a little paranoid about their phones. This is why we can only imagine that when reports of the iPhone exploding in China surfaced, many were pretty concerned.


However for those who are worried that Apple is going through a similar issue as Samsung, you can rest assured that they aren’t. According to Apple, they claim that through their own investigations, they aren’t to blame for the iPhones exploding in China. Instead Apple is claiming the phones they investigated displayed external physical damage which led to the explosion.

This means that it is possible that the phones were dropped or damaged that could cause the li-ion battery inside to swell up and explode. We’ve seen what can happen to damaged li-ion batteries, so this isn’t really so hard to believe. There are also other possibilities that could cause explosions, such as not allowing the phone to dispel its heat, or using third-party accessories that aren’t certified.

A recent test has found that a whopping 99% of fake accessories fail basic safety tests, which means that there’s a chance this could have been one of the reasons as well.

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