microsoft-ar-patentWe’re sure we’ve all been in that situation where you search high and low for something, like your watch, keys, wallet, or glasses, only to realize after an exhaustive and frustrating search that they were right in front of you, and in your haste simply missed them. Those problems could one day be a thing of the past, according to a patent filed by Microsoft.

Microsoft’s interest in augmented reality isn’t new and it is pretty obvious what with the development of the HoloLens headset. In this patent, discovered by CNET, Microsoft details how AR technology could potentially be used to keep track of things, such as your keys. Basically through a headset, it would use object tracking to remember where certain things are kept.

This means you could potentially ask Cortana where are your keys, and it will recall that you’ve placed them on the dining table. Part of the patent reads, “Much time may be spent in trying to locate misplaced objects. For example, searching for misplaced car keys, wallets, mobile devices, and the like may cause people to lose productive time. Likewise, forgetting that the milk carton in the home refrigerator is almost empty may lead to an extra trip to the store.”

However since this is a patent, we can’t say with certainty that these are features Microsoft will implement in the HoloLens in the future, but it definitely sounds quite promising, don’t you think?

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