netflix-vrOne of the features of virtual reality is that it offers up an immersive viewing experience. Since the headset pretty much blocks out your view, pair it with some headphones and it almost feels like you’re in the virtual world. Not only does this make for great gaming, but it also works great for movies too.

In fact if you are a subscriber to Netflix, you’ll be pleased to learn that the Netflix VR app for Daydream View headsets is now available for download. Basically this is the Netflix app, except that the main difference is that it has been designed for virtual reality, which like we said will allow users to immerse themselves in whatever it is they are watching.

Netflix is not the first to offer up VR content as prior to this, HBO and Hulu have launched similar offerings, so really this is more for those who are subscribed to Netflix. However we should point out that while it has been designed for VR, it is only compatible with Daydream View headsets, so for those who own other VR systems like the Gear VR, we guess you’re out of luck.

At the moment this is kind of an issue with the various VR platforms around, which is why many of the VR companies have recently banded together to help create industry standards. However since that won’t be implemented anytime soon, we guess some fragmentation is to be expected for now.

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