Tesla is known for hiding Easter eggs in the code that powers its cars. It’s a fun little thing that the company does and that’s certainly appreciated. Over the past few days there have been whispers on the street that Tesla Model X can access a new Easter egg that’s themed around Christmas. Many have found the Easter egg now and uploaded videos showing precisely what it does, it’s pretty cool actually.

Tesla has previously added several cool Easter eggs to its cars over the past few months. Earlier this year in April, the company released a Mario Kart-themed Easter egg that also paid tribute to the infamous “more cowbell” sketch from Saturday Night Live.

One particularly cool Easter egg was the one that Tesla released in February last year. Owners could enter a special James Bond-themed code to change the Model S photo in the car’s control panel to that of a Lotus Espirit submarine that graced the big screen in the Bond flick “The Spy Who Loved Me.”

In the latest Easter egg, the Tesla Model X puts on a performance for the holidays that’s complete with flashing lights, choreographed falcon wing doors, and even synthesized rock music. It’s fun to watch, do check out the video posted above.

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