virtuix-omniPlaying virtual reality games is great, but we can imagine that controlling your character’s movements and walking around using physical controllers does take a little away from the immersion. This is why the Omni treadmill is such a great idea where it allows users to walk in multiple directions while being anchored in one place.

Clearly designed for virtual reality in mind, the Omni treadmill’s pre-orders began way back in 2013. Unfortunately for those who backed the project on Kickstarter, it seems that if you don’t live in the US, you will not be able to get your order as Virtuix has cancelled non-US pre-orders of the device.

This is mainly due to the size and weight of it which makes shipping it out of the US a problem. In a note sent to Kickstarter backers, “The Omni’s production cost grew to more than three times our initial estimate. Logistics became equally complicated. The Omni ships in a large 48” x 43” box (123cm x 110cm) on a wooden pallet and comes with additional packages for Omni shoes and other accessories.”

So what does this mean for those who did pre-order? Naturally you guys will be getting your money back, and to top it off, Virtuix will be giving you guys an additional 3% of interest for every year that the device was in pre-order. Granted this is still frustrating, but hopefully Virtuix will be able to sort it out in the future.

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