You might not have thought about this much but can you name racing games in which Porsche cars are available? You might find it hard to name such titles because Porsche has had a long exclusivity deal with Electronic Arts which limited the company’s cars from appearing in any racing games other than the ones made by EA. With the exclusivity deal coming to an end soon it’s possible that Porsche might not extend the deal.


The only way other racing games could get Porsche cars was by signing a licensing deal with EA. It has been this way for almost two decades and it has no doubt been frustrating for game developers who just want this iconic German car manufacturer’s vehicles in their racing titles.

It’s not like other racing titles have never had Porsche cars but it hasn’t exactly been easy for developers to get a licensing deal with EA. They would much rather deal directly with Porsche itself and work out a deal that puts its cars inside their games.

Porsche has had this exclusivity deal with EA since the year 2000 but it’s coming to an end soon, this was confirmed by Porsche branded entertainment manager Sebastian Hornung to German website SpeedManiacs.

If Porsche and EA don’t renew this deal then other developers will suddenly find it easier to include Porsche cars in their titles.

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