samsung-wind-free-acWhile air-conditioners do a great job at cooling a room down, the only downside is that the wind that comes from the air-conditioner can be a bit annoying if it’s blowing in your direction all the time, not to mention it can also get too cold if you’re in the path of the wind. This is something that Samsung wants to fix with their AR9500M Wind Free air-conditioner that they plan on launching at CES 2017.

So how does a wind-free air-conditioner operate? According to Samsung, basically the idea is to cool down the room fast, after which the air-conditioner will try to maintain its temperature without having to resort to using the fan. “A two-step cooling system which first lowers tempertures in ‘Fast Cooling Mode’ and then automatically switches to ‘Wind-Free Cooling Mode’ creating ‘still air’ once the desired temperature is reached.”

According to Samsung, this apparently can also reduce energy consumption by as much as 72%. The best part is that the air-conditioner will be WiFi-enabled, meaning that with an accompanying app, users will be able to control the unit remotely. This is ideal if you’re on the way home and you want to come home to a cool house.

Pricing has yet to be revealed but Samsung is expected to show off the AR9500M Wind-Free air-conditioner at CES 2017, so check back with us in the coming weeks for more details.

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