The thing about crowdfunding is that it opens the door to a ton of cool ideas that you might not see launched otherwise. However the downside is that while the idea is cool and the product seems useful, sometimes behind the scenes things might not be quite as smooth, which means that sometimes projects that have become too popular end up going out of control.


A good example would be the Superbook. This is a laptop dock for your Android smartphone that was launched back in August. It was met with huge success, but unfortunately it seems that the release of the device has been delayed. The company had originally planned for a February 2017 delivery, but unfortunately it has since been delayed to June.

According to the explanation posted on Kickstarter, the reason for the delay is due to modifications made to the original design that would make it easier to manufacture. The company also stated that they will be absorbing the customs and VAT expenses for their international customers, and are using a different courier service that will take longer as a result of that.

Last but not least, changes to prices quoted by their vendors have also made things more complicated as they have had to secure alternatives as a result. Hopefully June 2017 will be first and last delay, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled anyway.

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