Many of us like to purchase different accessories for our smartphones and if you would like to get more out of your Android handset, perhaps you might want to consider purchasing the Superbook accessory. It’s basically a dock that’s capable of transforming any Android handset into a laptop.


Superbook has been described as a “smart laptop shell” which provides a display, keyboard, multi-touch keypad, over 8 hours of battery life as well as phone charging capabilities.

It has no internal power package as it needs to be hooked up to an Android device to function. When plugged into an Android handset, it launches the Superbook app to deliver a full laptop experience. The full QWERTY keyboard has Android navigation keys which make it very easy to control the OS and the multi-touch trackpad comes in handy as well.

The Superbook will enable users to leverage the performance of their handset to do things like browse the internet, edit documents and create presentations with Microsoft Office apps, play games, write code, and do much more on an 11.6 inch screen that’s significantly bigger than that of a smartphone.

Superbook is a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, the least you can pledge right now to get one is $159. Deliveries are expected to begin by February next year. The goal of this Kickstarter campaign was to raise $50,000. It has smashed that and raised nearly $1.3 million with 18 days still to go.

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