galaxy-note-7-design_27-frontIn case all the notifications and reminders, battery limitations, and monetary incentives weren’t enough to get users to return their Note 7 smartphones, Samsung has turned to their last resort which is to push out an update that would effectively kill off the smartphone, and it seems that the Note 7 handsets at T-Mobile will be the first to receive it.

According to T-Mobile’s website, the update has started rolling out to Note 7 users on its network. The changelog reads, “This update will send an on-screen notification about the recall with action steps to take and will prevent the charge ability of the device.” Prior to that, the update limited the phone’s battery to  60%, but this update should effectively kill the handset for good.

T-Mobile is the  first major carrier in the US to roll out the update. Other major carriers have confirmed the update as well, with AT&T and Verizon scheduled to go next on the 5th of January, 2017, while Sprint is expected to release their update on the 8th of January. This update has also been pushed out to other markets around the world, with some carriers also blacklisting the phone in the process to prevent it from being used on its networks.

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