chrome-flacFor audiophiles out there, hardware isn’t the only thing that they look at when trying to piece together the perfect sound system. There are things like room acoustics to take into considerable, cables (some believe gold plated cables offer the best conductivity), and of course the source of the music itself.


Clearly no one would spend tens of thousands on a pair of speakers only to play MP3 files, right? This is where lossless audio formats such as FLAC come into the picture, and the good news for audiophiles out there is that it appears the in the Chrome 56 beta, Google has finally added support for FLAC playback within the browser.

What this means is that if you’d rather not download the file onto your computer and stream it, Chrome will be able to do that. However like we said, this feature was added to the Chrome 56 beta so unless you’re beta testing the browser, you’ll have to wait like everyone else for the final release to check it out.

We reckon that playing media through the browser isn’t quite as convenient as accessing it through an app like VLC, but if you’ve Chrome already open and would rather not open more windows then we guess this could come in handy.

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