We have been hearing for a very long time that both Samsung and LG are working on foldable smartphones. They are yet to launch such a product and are certainly not the only ones thinking about such smartphones. A new patent application filed by Microsoft has surfaced online revealing that the company has also worked something out about foldable smartphones that can transform into a tablet.

Microsoft’s patent filing covers a device that features a flexible hinge and display for transforming a smartphone into a tablet. The patent includes notes and diagrams which provide a glimpse of what this device might look like.

The diagrams show that the device may have different modes for two or three screens that can extend out to make the smartphone bigger and function as a tablet. It merits mentioning here that this isn’t something Microsoft just dreamt up, it filed for this patent back in 2014.

The rumor mill is certainly going to like this recent discovery as it refuses to give up hope that Microsoft won’t launch another smartphone. The company is still believed to be working on a Surface Phone that may come out at some point in the future.

Perhaps this unconventional form factor will work in Microsoft’s favor and bring it success with the Surface Phone, but this is just pure speculation at this point in time.

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