mass_effect-andromeda6A lot of developers and publishers these days try to milk more money from their games by not just only selling the game itself, but releasing additional content later known as DLCs in which they will charge a price for it. Sometimes season passes are sold which is basically players purchasing all future DLCs ahead of release for a cheaper price.

However the good news (?) is that Mass Effect: Andromeda won’t have a season pass. This was confirmed by BioWare’s GM Aaryn Flynn on Twitter in which he basically say “No” when a gamer asked him about it. However his follow up answers to more questions later did not confirm whether or not DLCs will be part of the game.

When asked if this meant that there will be no DLCs and that future content will be free, Flynn replied by saying, “We’ll talk more about that later.” Like we said DLCs are a popular way for developers and publishers to earn more money from their games, although in recent times we’ve started to see how some developers are choosing to eschew that model in favor of going back to the good old days where new content added to the game was free.

In any case we guess we’ll find out more soon, but in the meantime Mass Effect: Andromeda has been confirmed for a release on the 21st of March, 2017.

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