octopus-by-joy[CES 2017] The key to developing a habit, whether it be good or bad, is to keep repeating it until it becomes second nature. If you’re trying to ingrain good habits into your kids, you might appreciate a little tech boost with the Octopus by Joy watch. This is a device designed with kids in mind to impart good habits.


octopus-by-joy-2According to the company, these good habits include a scheduler which is aimed at keeping your child on time for their activities. For example it will remind them when it’s nap time, or remind them when it’s time for school, or when it’s for someone’s birthday, a trip to the dentist, and so on. These reminders are scheduled by parents and the goal is to foster responsibility, independence, and self-esteem.

Given that it is a watch, it also tells the time although it will rely on the use of icons, thus making it more recognizable for children while teaching them about time. The idea is that by teaching children the concept of time, they will eventually learn how to prioritize things, plus it makes them feel like a grown up like mommy and daddy who have their own schedules to attend to.

If the Octopus by Joy is a smartwatch you think will help aid your child’s development, the device is currently up for pre-order via Indiegogo where it is priced at $69. It is expected to begin shipping to customers come May 2017.

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