Opera has been thinking about what web browsers are going to look in the future. It’s sharing one of its concepts with us today. Called Opera Neon, it’s a new concept browser from the company that aims to provide us a glimpse into futuristic web browsing. It says that Neon is the result of thousands of concepts, iterations, drawings, versions, and interface designs.

The company reiterates that Opera Neon is an experimental browser that envisions the future of web browsing. Like the conventional Opera browser, Neon is built on Opera’s Blink engine but it has been built from the ground up to provide cool effects and animations without slowing down the user experience.

It also provides users with new ways to interact with the web, including the ability to drag and push things around, users can even pop content out of the web and save it easily.


Some new features not seen in any browser before include a new start page that uses the desktop wallpaper as its background, a sidebar that has its own video player, download manager, and image gallery as well as a vertical, visual tab bar which makes it easy to filter through tabs.

It also features an intelligent system that automatically manages tabs. Frequently used tabs will automatically float to the top and less important tabs sink to the bottom. Additional features include a pop-out video player, snap-to-gallery, split-screen mode, and more.

Opera Neon is now available as a free download for Mac and Windows from www.opera.com/neon.

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