target_year_round_price_matchWhen Apple Pay was announced, retailers such as Walmart announced that they would not be offering the service at their locations. Instead what Walmart did was launch its own mobile payments service in the form of Walmart Pay, and it looks like Walmart might have inspired other retailers to follow suit.

In a report from Recode, it seems that Target has confirmed that they have plans for their own mobile payments service. This is according to Target’s Chief Information and Digital Officer Michael McNamara who revealed the company’s plans to Recode at the National Retail Federation conference last week.

At the moment details are a bit scarce, but McNamara revealed that the service will only be available to Target shoppers with a REDcard, or at least that will be the case at the start. For those unfamiliar, the REDcard is a debit/credit card for Target that offers up discounts and other perks when you use it at the store.

With this move it is more than likely than Target will not be introducing Apple Pay anytime soon, or other mobile payment providers for that matter. However if you do want to use Apple Pay, note that you can use it when making purchases within Target’s app, just not in the stores.

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