itunes-allowanceThe UK’s currency isn’t doing so hot at the moment, which many have attributed to Brexit which has created a lot of uncertainty about the future of the country. While the government is trying to sort that out, it seems that citizens have no choice but to bear the brunt of their choices, such as increased prices.


If you are an iOS user in the UK, it seems that Apple has decided to raise the prices of its apps in the UK iTunes App Store by 25%. The company claims that fluctuating foreign exchange rates and taxation changes are the reason behind this. This change is made to other countries as well, such as India and Turkey along with the UK.

This isn’t the first time that Apple’s products have been made more expensive in the country due to its currency. For example Apple’s iPhones are now more expensive along with the company’s latest MacBook Pros which weren’t exactly cheap to begin with. Apple isn’t alone in raising prices either as last year, Microsoft announced a similar move for its enterprise software, and the HTC Vive was also similarly affected.

That being said, Apple does adjust its prices according to the exchange rates every now and then as we have seen, so don’t expect these changes to be permanent, although you probably shouldn’t exactly hold out for the next price change.

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