whirlpool[CES 2017] As it stands there are various smart home appliances that can be controlled using smartphones, tablets, and some even with your voice. That is something that you can look forward to in the future moving forward as Whirlpool has announced a collaboration with Amazon. This collaboration is expected to see Amazon’s Alexa integrated into Whirlpool’s devices.


We should note that this doesn’t mean that all of Whirlpool’s devices will have voice control. Instead you will still need an Alexa device like the Amazon Echo, Echo Tap, or Echo Dot (just to name a few), in which from there you will be able to give voice commands to the compatible Whirlpool appliances in your home.

This means that without getting up from your chair, you can ask Alexa to start/stop/pause your washers and dryers, enable/disable quiet mode, change its settings, ask for time remaining, and so on. Users will also be able to interact with Whirlpool’s smart ovens to adjust cooking temperature, select cooking modes, as well as start/stop it.

It will even work with refrigerators where Alexa can turn on or off maximum ice and maximum cool settings, check on the filter status, and set pantry drawer temperature modes. Of course this will require users to own compatible Whirlpool appliances and an Alexa-enabled device, but if you’re looking to build the house of the future, this could be it.

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