[MWC 2017] Sometimes there are certain parts in town where the reception isn’t as good, or say you’re traveling outstation and your internet connection isn’t quite as stable or strong as you would like. This means that downloading apps, music, videos, and so on will be slower than usual or it might not even be possible.

However that could change in the future because MWC 2017, Fox has announced that together with Ericsson and Australian carrier Telstra, they will be testing out quietly downloading and pushing movies onto user’s smartphones in the background, without any action required by the user. Users will then have the ability to watch these movies after paying a fee for them.

Basically it almost sounds like they’re just giving users movies and asking if users wouldn’t mind paying to watch them. However if you’re worried about it being a data hog, these movies will be pushed out using zero-rated data, meaning that it won’t count towards your data cap. Fox also says that users of the app will have control over how and when movies are being stored.

At the moment the trial is only offered to Telstra subscribers, as well as Fox and Ericsson employees. Also eleven movies are being offered for now which includes titles such as The Martian, Deadpool, Independence Day: Resurgence, The Revenant, and Life of Pi.

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