mass_effect-andromeda5The Mass Effect franchise has a huge and enthusiastic following, so much so that when gamers protested the way Mass Effect 3 ended, the folks at BioWare had to go back and release a patch that “fixed” it in a way that would sit better with gamers. This is also why the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda is highly-anticipated.

However with Commander Shepard no longer in the picture, will gamers be just as interested in the game? EA certainly seems to think so. During the company’s earnings call, EA’s CFO Blake Jorgensen revealed that he expects Andromeda to be able to sell as many as 3 million units in the first week.

As transcribed by Seeking Alpha, Jorgensen’s comment was actually an answer to a question about how EA recognized digital revenue, in which Jorgensen replied by saying, “Our digital cut-off is typically about 5 to 7 days depending on the calendar more than the actual days, so we will get some digital from the first few days of sales for Mass Effect. We will get very little revenue just because the way we book the revenue for the DLCs on Battlefield 1. So, you can assume that’s close to zero, and assume Mass Effect is going to be anywhere between 30% to 50% of the lifetime of that title. And the last Mass Effect did close to 6 million units, so you’ll probably see something like around 3 million units in the quarter depending on exact timing.”

Now whether or not Jorgensen’s predictions will come true remains to be seen, but it is clear that the hype surrounding the game is very real. Mass Effect: Andromeda is currently scheduled for a release on the 21st of March in the US.

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