Several interesting announcements have been made today at the Nokia press conference which is taking place in Barcelona as part of the Mobile World Congress 2017. Some of you might be aware that Nokia acquired Withings back in June last year for $191 million. The company’s products include fitness wearable devices, smartwatches, thermometers, connected scales, and more. It was confirmed during Nokia’s press conference today that the company is going to slap its name on all Withings products starting later this year.

Nokia’s Vice President of Digital Health and former Withings CEO Cédric Hutchings confirmed during the press conference today that all Withings products will be sold under the Nokia brand starting later this year.

Hutchings also said that the company is going to release a major redesign of its Health Mate app later this year to provide an improved user experience and new features that make it easier to share fitness progress with friends. Nokia is going to launch a new Patient Care program which will enable data sharing between health professionals and patients, much like what Apple is doing with its Healthkit.

The company adds in a post on its website that going forward, all of its existing products will continue to be supported with updates and improvements and that all user data will still be available in its apps.

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