Opera today announced that version 43 of its Opera web browser is the fastest version ever that it has released for the desktop. It says that instant page loading and Profile Guided Optimization is what makes Opera 43 its fastest version ever for the desktop. It has been working on improving page loading speeds since last year and has already launched features such as page-load speed optimization, native ad-blocking, and faster start-up.


Opera says that the latest version features Profile Guided Optimization and instant page loading which provides another boost that will further squeeze loading time for users. This is being done to ensure that its web browser loads pages faster in an era where web content continues to get heavier.

Instant page loading predicts which website the user is typing the address for and once it recognizes it, the web browser automatically starts loading the website in the background even before the user hits enter. This feature becomes smarter over time by learning which URLs lead to a specific website.

Profile Guided Optimization is a new compiler technique that enables software running on Windows to run faster. It lets the compiler know what scenarios are important so that Opera is capable of performing those tasks even faster while using less processing power. Opera says that this technology makes startup 13 percent faster. The browser engine in Opera 43 also gets a performance boost.

Opera 43 is now available for download.

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