One of the rumored features of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 is that it will be doing away with S Voice. Instead Samsung is expected to introduce a brand new voice assistant in the form of Bixby, which is the result of Samsung acquiring Viv Labs who reportedly is behind the technology that powers it.

That being said, a report out of Korea has revealed additional details about Bixby, and those details are that Bixby will be launched with support for 8 languages out of the door. This means that Samsung expects to cover a relatively wide market at launch, and this is also more languages compared to other voice assistants such as Google Assistant which only supports a handful.

However Bixby will pale in comparison compared to Apple’s Siri which has support for more than 30 languages, but we guess Bixby is relatively new so we guess we will have to give it some time to play catch up. Bixby is also tipped to be more than just your average voice assistant software.

It is said that it will somehow be integrated with the OS of the phone and its camera, where users will be able to point at objects and have Bixby identify it for them. We’re not too sure how exactly this will work but we guess we’ll have to wait and find out. In the meantime the Galaxy S8 will be a no-show at MWC 2017, so don’t expect to see it officially announced later this month.

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