If you’re a fan of sporting events, you know that trying to follow your favorite team to where they are playing, or chasing the Olympic games can be a rather expensive hobby. This is why watching it on TV is usually a cheaper alternative. However the only problem is that it doesn’t quite offer up the same feeling if you were there in person.


The good news is that if the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang is something you’ve been looking forward to, you might be interested to learn that it could be broadcasted in VR, meaning you’ll just have to strap on a compatible VR headset and you will feel like you were there in person, or at least to a certain degree.

This technology will be provided by Samsung where speaking to The Korea Herald, Samsung Electronics Mobile Marketing Director Cha Young-tae said, “We plan to offer virtual technology so that, let’s say, viewers with a VR headset in Seoul can enjoy the sports game as if they are at the scene.”

He adds, “We are in discussion with the International Olympic Committee and Olympic Broadcasting Services to utilize our VR technology during the Olympics.” As Cha states, they are currently in discussions which means it isn’t necessarily a given. However this wouldn’t be the first time that Samsung has broadcasted sporting games in VR, so it shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

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