Touch ID is a great security measure for preventing unauthorized users from getting into your phone. However kids can be pretty creative and as we have seen in the past, putting a sleeping parent’s thumb or finger on Touch ID without their knowledge is a pretty funny way of bypassing the security.

However in the case of a 4-year old boy in London, this “trick” might have just saved his mom’s life. According to the report from the Daily Mail, the 4-year old’s mother fell unconscious while in their home with only the child and his younger brother. However it seems that the child knew what he had to do as he took his mom’s thumb to unlock her iPhone, and then used Siri to place a call to emergency services.

The paramedics arrived 13 minutes later and while the woman reportedly regained consciousness, she was taken to the hospital for further treatment. According to Met Police Ch Supt Ade Adelekan, “Hearing this call brings home the importance of teaching your young child their home address and how to call police or emergency services in an emergency situation.”

The BBC has uploaded the recording of the boy’s call to emergency services, which the police are hoping will act as a lesson to children and parents in the future on how their kids should react/handle the situation should something similar arise.

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