A few years ago, one of the biggest lawsuits that Apple was embroiled in was the fight against Samsung, which has died down somewhat but is still ongoing. However it seems that we can expect the next massive legal battle Apple will be involved will be with Qualcomm as the company has expanded its lawsuit against the company in the UK.

For those unfamiliar, back in January 2017 Apple sued Qualcomm and alleged that the company had withheld payment to Apple as a form of “extortion”. This was hot on the heels of the FTC filing their own lawsuit in which they claim Qualcomm had “forced” Apple to use its chips in their phones.

The lawsuit was later expanded to cover China, and now it looks like Qualcomm will have to do battle against Apple in the UK as well. We’re not sure if the lawsuit against Qualcomm in the UK is based on the same grounds that Apple used in the US, but Bloomberg reports that Apple had point them towards a statement they issued on the 20th of January (the first filing) when asked to comment about it.

Qualcomm has so far held their ground and refuted the allegations, and last we heard the company was even considering filing their own countersuit, but to date we have yet to hear anything about that.

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