White balance in photos is quite tricky, as sometimes cameras aren’t always very smart at detecting the situation that we are in. This is why to get the best out of your camera and to achieve the look that you want, manually choosing the right white balance instead of selecting “auto” is a good idea.


However not everyone is so savvy when it comes to adjusting their camera settings or choosing the right white balance, but the good news is that Google Photos wants to take some of the guesswork away for you. According to Google, it seems that Google Photos will now be able to automatically correct your photos’ white balance.

According to Google, “Now, when you open the photo editor in Google Photos and select a look, we’ll not only correct exposure and saturation, we’ll also automatically correct the white balance in the image.  And if you want to tweak it even more, just go into Color and adjust the Warmth and Tint.”

Of course this isn’t saying that Google’s algorithms are 100% accurate, but basically if you have no idea on how to post-process your photos or use the more advanced tools, this should help out a bit. The feature should already be live so fire up the app, edit some photos and see how it treats you.

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