Hulu confirmed several months back that it’s going to launch its very own standalone online TV streaming service. It has since been revealing more information about the new service in bits and pieces. It has now posted some details about the new service on its marketing website where it’s taking sign-ups from people who are interested in trying out Hulu’s live TV offering. The features that it’s going to offer include DVR, real-time alerts, simultaneous streams, and more.

Hulu published this sign-up page a couple of months ago so that it could gather email address of people who were interested in trying it out. It would then send them an email when the service goes live to inform them that they can now try it out.

The DVR feature is one that many would appreciate, it would enable subscribers to save anything that they want to watch later. The service will also offer user profiles with each profile having its own recommendations and recordings. Even guest profiles will be offered so that someone crashing at your place for a night doesn’t mess up your recommendations.

The marketing site also reveals that multiple, simultaneous streams will be supported by this service on live TV so that additional members of the family can watch live TV as well without requiring their separate paid accounts. Users will even get real-time alerts for the shows that they like to watch so that they don’t miss out on new episodes.

All of these features make Hulu’s live TV streaming service sound like a compelling alternative to the likes of Sling TV and PlayStation Vue. However, we’ll only know how it stacks up against them when it goes live later this spring.

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