Calling 911 as a prank is not a joke and can land you into some trouble. This is why in the past police have warned about certain pranks that will lead to you accidentally dialing emergency services when you don’t intend to, and recently it seems that a new prank is making its rounds that asks users to say “108” to Siri.

Now you might be wondering what is “108”? If you’re from India, then you know that 108 is basically the equivalent of 911 in the US, where dialing the number will connect you to emergency services. So how Siri works is that instead of forcing users to remember local emergency numbers, it takes into context where you are and will “translate” it.

This means that if you’re from the UK and you’re in the US and you’re trying to reach emergency services, you can say 999 and it will connect you to 911, or vice versa, or in this case saying 108 in the US will translate to 911. The “prank” is that some people are telling others that by say “108” to Siri, it will tell you a joke.

However like we said calling 911 as a prank can land you into trouble as essentially you’re tying up the lines for someone who might actually have something important, so if you do see this prank make its round, maybe try not to fall for it.

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