Say you’re outside with your friends and your phone is running low on battery. What do you do? Obviously it would be ideal if you could charge it using a wall outlet or a power bank, but since not all of us carry power banks or chargers with us all the time, that wouldn’t work out, would it? Turns out Sony has an idea of what you could do.

According to a recently discovered patent (via What Future), it seems that Sony is envisioning a system in which users could “steal” power from another device wirelessly. This means that your friend could loan you some of their battery by letting you siphon off them wirelessly, almost like a vampire!

It might not be just limited to phones as it has been suggested that a variety of consumer electronics could be used, such as a fridge, TV, computer, microwave, washing machine, and so on. Basically the idea is that all your home appliances could technically become sources of wireless energy so that your device will always remain charged without the need for wires.

To a certain extent Sony’s patent does seem a bit similar to what Apple has patented in the past, although there are obviously some differences. However given that this is a patent, it’s hard to say if Sony will ever make it a reality, although it’s actually a pretty good idea, but what say you?

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