If you’ve ever played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, you know exactly how important and central the ocarina is to Link, and how it more or less controls a lot of aspects in the game. Now wouldn’t it be awesome if you had your own ocarina that you could control stuff with? That’s pretty much what YouTuber and Zelda fan Allen Pan did.


Pan recently put together a home automation system that was customized by himself that could be controlled using an ocarina. The best part is that he created it so that the songs from the Ocarina of Time would be recognized, and it also seems to be linked to something that might share similarities with the game.

For example playing the Bolero of Fire melody would cause the heating system to turn on. Or playing Epona’s Song would unlock his car. It is a pretty awesome idea, albeit novel and we reckon also a bit impractical since it probably isn’t as fast as tapping buttons or using your voice, but why not, right?

Now before you rush off and try to make something similar of your own, The Verge points out that this is probably not the most secure home automation system you could put together, but if you want to experiment a little we suppose it could be worth looking into.

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