There have been talks over the years that Apple could eventually put out an ARM-based Mac computer. In fact earlier this year a report from Apple insider Mark Gurman at Bloomberg hinted that ARM-based MacBook Pros could be launched this year, although it seems that this chipset won’t be replacing Intel’s chipset, but rather exist alongside it.

Whether or not that is true remains to be seen, but according to reports, Apple has no plans for pure ARM-based MacBooks. However the report goes to add that Apple did not rule out the possibility that ARM processors could be used as companion processors, which is more or less in line with what the report from Bloomberg had suggested, although Apple stopped short of confirming whether or not that is true.

Apple also reiterated that there are no plans for touchscreen Mac computers. Following the launch of hybrid devices like the Surface Pro, many had wondered if Apple could follow suit. However the company has previously explained why this would never happen, with some Apple execs even calling the idea “absurd”, so definitely do not get your hopes up for a touchscreen Mac anytime soon.

In the meantime Apple has also announced their plans to “rethink” the Mac Pro, but that we probably shouldn’t expect to see anything anytime soon.

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