A small number of first-generation Apple Watch owners have been facing an issue with the smartwatch. The battery in their units has swollen, thus leaving the device of no use. Apple has come to their aid by informing authorized repair facilities that the Apple Watch swollen battery issue is now covered under warranty. It has extended the Apple Watch service coverage to include the first-generation smartwatches suffering from this issue.

Apple has decided to extend the repair coverage for the very first Apple Watch units that have been impacted by this swollen battery issue. The coverage extension provides owners of these units with two years of additional service coverage over and above the one-year free warranty that all customers get for free.

It’s not uncommon for lithium-ion batteries to swell and expand when they are overcharged, punctured or generally damaged. The Apple Watch uses lithium-ion batteries like most consumer devices and even though such devices are cleared for use after extensive testing, it’s not uncommon for these issues to come up.

It’s unclear right now just how many first-generation Apple Watch owners are facing this issue with their smartwatches. There have been some reports about this on Apple’s official support forums and on Reddit. Users can tell that their battery has expanded when they see a slight displacement in the display or even cracking.

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